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Charitable and Religious Organizations
Consumer Product Companies
Financial Services Companies
Fund-Raisers and Fund-Raising Events
Political Campaigns
Trade Show and Conference Exhibitors
Others with Promotional Needs


This pencil

Might look like this

If Pencil Expressions helps to create it!

Our handsome and graphically decorated writing instruments deliver highly functional vehicles for your company or organization promotional messages in effective and impressive fashions. A specialized printing process works with up to 7 colors to create pens and pencils that match the promotional graphics and themes of your print advertisements, product packaging, web sites and annual report.

Long lasting, clean and sharp, full color graphics deployed over the entire area of the instrument results from our specialized 4-color film heat transfer process. Picture your vibrant and decorative promotional messages on the desks or in the homes of your most important audiences at all times. Our singular focus means we understand the use of artwork in helping you to deliver your message. Since this is all we do, we have be the best. Our ownership team, with over 34 years of combined experience in ad-specialty printing, deals with every customer.

Our full line of promotional pens and pencils come in a wide range of minimum quantities with many excellent applications:

Uses of our products may come in many areas:
  • In large, charitable fundraising campaigns
  • As product inserts by consumer products companies
  • Financial services companies
  • Fund-raisers and fund-raising events
  • Political Campaigns
  • By religious groups in search of donations
  • By Professionals in identity establishment
  • As local school PTA/PTO fundraising items-for-sale
  • As trade-show and conference handouts
  • Anyone else with a promotional need
We invite you to consider how we can help you deliver your promotions.

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