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China/Grease Markers

China Markers (Grease Pencils)

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Pencil Expressions is pleased to offer two very different China Markers. We offer a traditional, thicker, paper-backed, pull-to sharpen China markers in both red and black and they are available with or without a one color imprint.

We also offer (not pictured) a pencil marker that resembles regular hex pencils except the writing material is grease rather than graphite lead. They come with and without ferrules and erasers and are available in white and yellow. They even sharpen like regular pencils.

Both markers are great for writing on glass and metals and are water soluble. Best of all, our prices always include the graphic art layout with proofs, all set ups and domestic US shipping charges.






Imprinted Red/Black Grease Pencils





Imprinted White/Yellow Grease Pencils





Blank Red/Black Grease Pencils





Blank White/Yellow Grease Pencils






1. All imprints are one color
2. Maximum imprint area is 3.5 by .75 inches on paper-backed and 4 inches by .12 inches on pencil marker
3. Ferrules and erasers are available at 2 cents additional
4. Prices include design layout, proof, set ups and shipping within US (Canada add 2 cents)
5. NJ customers add 7% NJ sales tax

Standard set ups, prep charges and UPS ground charges (domestic US) included at no charge.

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