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Political and Governmental Campaigns

All political campaigns whether local, state or national share objectives. Vote for our candidate. Vote for our party. Get out the vote. From the grass roots worker to the campaign manager at all levels, name recognition…name awareness…name retention….these are the goals. And as the election date nears, an increasing amount of various forms of advertising is used. Pencil Expressions can help from the beginning to the end of the campaign with an enduring method of advertising. Our decorated and personalized promotional pens and pencils come in a variety of graphic decorations at a variety of price points. They make wonderful handouts and keep on providing the encouragement to "vote for our candidate".

Government campaigns share similar goals. These are efforts to promote important messages about our community, our state and our country. From creating awareness for 9-1-1 campaigns (or reverse 9-1-1) or for homeland security and vigilance, Pencil Expressions promotional pens and pencils gets out the message.
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