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Specialty Pencils and Pens

Our flat encased carpenter pencils come in a variety of colors and offer your choice of an imprint on one side, the same imprint on both sides or even a different imprint on each side. You will choose from a variety of solid colors or stripes in contrasting colors. Add to that your choice of black or red lead and you have a custom carpenter pencil to show off your business.

Solid Color Carpenter with
imprint on one side
Solid Color Carpenter with
imprint on two sides
$ .54
$ .49
$ .42
$ .375
Striped Carpenter with
imprint on two sides
Solid Color Carpenter with
imprint on two sides w/red lead

Carpenter Pencils

Click image for a larger version.

The one sided imprinted carpenter comes in white, yellow and red barrels. The two sided imprinted carpenter comes in the same colors plus natural and raw, orange, red, cream, hi gloss yellow and green, dark green, royal blue, black and gray. The striped is white with a blue stripe and the red lead comes in white only. Add 2 cents per pencil for a different imprint on opposite side where available. All set ups, shipping and handling are included.

Our jumbo pencils are approximately one-third thicker than our standard sized pencils. Large pencils are great for the smaller hands of our children. And, you have your choice of having them tipped with a gold ferrule and pink eraser or not tipped at all.

Jumbo Pencils
Jumbo Tipped
Jumbo Untipped
$ .55
$ .51
$ .455
$ .41

Click the image for a larger version.

The tipped jumbos are available in yellow, red and white barrels and the untipped are available in the same plus orange. All prices includes set ups and domestic shipping. We require a native black and white Illustrator file. We can prepare the file if text only at no charge and we can create a more complex graphic with a special quote. 10 to 15 working days for delivery. 2 or more spot imprint colors available on special quotation.

Here is a great new idea from BIC Graphics for very low quantities for your special personal occasions such as important announcements, births, weddings, etc. We start with an undecorated BIC Wide Body (top) or Revo (bottom):

BIC Revo
Click an image for a larger version.

We then decorate the barrel with one of the special occasion full color themes below. To this, we add your unique custom text. What a memorable way to celebrate an important birthday or anniversary, wedding or birth. We will deliver a special 150 count of pens to you in just 5 working days. You will have your choice of pen types (fine, medium or thick and black or blue ink) and black, white, red, navy and forest green grips. With all set ups and shipping charges, the cost to you is only $280.

Occasion Themes

Click the image for a larger version.


Click each image for a larger version

We have lots of other ideas as well. If you are looking for a pencil that conjures up the idea of a hammer or a gavel, the Pen-Ham (upper left) is your right choice. These start at $.58 for 500 including set ups and shipping and scale down. If your promotional need calls for a waxed writing instrument that is ideal for porous and non porous surface marking such as glass, metal, china and plastics, then our China Marker (second from left) is a winner. These start at $.59 for 500 including set ups and shipping and scale down. We also feature two types of coloring pencils. Our assorted color 4-packs (second from right) start at 500 for $1.50 per 4-pack (pencils only) or $1.80 (pencils and ruler) including set ups and shipping and scale down. Lastly (and last on the right) are our colored lead single pencils. They are available in red, green, yellow or blue and start at 50 cents apiece at 500 including set ups and shipping. These are also featured in special blue lead and red lead (one per end) at only 7 cents additional.

Call, email or request a price quote for specific information for your project. If you have not seen what you are looking for, please let us know. If it writes, we can make your promotion a memorable one!


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